DigiSnaxx Digital Toolkit

DigiSnaxx Digital Toolkit

This post will include info and links to all aspects of the DigiSnaxx digital presence.

Covering internet security, tools we use to build and maintain DigiSnaxx, and links we’ve used to educate ourselves on this journey to financial freedom!

Internet Security

HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere ensures that you are connecting the sites you think you are, as often as possible.

Certificates verify that no unsuspecting actor is nabbing your data while you’re exploring a web sites nasty information.

Easy to install, browser plug-ins are available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is an ad-blocker you can trust.

Other ad-blockers allow advertisers to remove their ads from being blocked, for a fee.

The concern when using anything for free being how much of your data is exchanged for the convenience.

Privacy Badger is built, and maintained, by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Their products are open-source, by a non-profit organization working to sustain digital freedom and transparency.

The application itself siphons data about the pages you visit, while allowing users to provide feedback to improve the plugin’s algorithms.

Easy to install, browser plug-ins are available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera

Web Dev Tools


We opted for ClassicPress because we are more familiar with the layout.

WordPress is one of the most used CMS platforms on the internet. The recent update was a significant break within the community. It may be a challenge for the legacy build of ClassicPress to keep-up with the new Gutenburg layout. But this is a challenge we appreciate, and use to learn PHP.


In order to provide secure access to our users, we use Certbot to deploy a security certificate from Let’sEncrypt.

YoastSEO (free)

I cannot believe how much this single plugin has improved my writing.

Authors are provided readability and keyword analysis, on-the-fly!

Snippets for search engines are snap, with recommendations to improve wording.

As soon as we can start generating the revenue, we will definitely invest in the paid version.

Google XML Sitemaps

Search engines like sitemaps.

Don’t know what they are? The words are obvious, but creating them is a different task.

The free version of YoastSEO does not include the sitemap tool the premium version does.

Google XML Sitemaps another popular WordPress plugin.

Additional links:


Securing a WordPress site

Team tools


The layout is a bit easier for teams with lots of tables.


All ya need is a browser.