Hip-pack only $10, then customize!

Hip-pack only $10, then customize!

The hip-pack hit my price-point at $10!

And it had everything I was looking for, a single large compartment, with a smaller compartment on the side.

The pack isn’t fancy, not bulky, made of canvas – it has proven rather durable for travel.

I did fix a tear that appeared after the first months of use, though after this, the hip-pack has been quite solid.

Customization that I made are as follows:

Plastic buckle replaced velcro to secure large compartment

Metal loop for attaching keys or other

The plastic buckle occasionally unbuckles, which is frustrating. Though this happen infrequently enough to be tolerable.

I’ve been traveling on the road for about a year and a half, and the hip-pack has served me well. Definitely worth the ten bucks!

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