Osprey Kestrel: 48 Litres of Freedom

Osprey Kestrel: 48 Litres of Freedom

I didn’t have much money, but I knew that if I was going to make the trip I would need a better bag.

Osprey Kestral 48 litre pack was the perfect fit!

It fits as a carry-on, which is key for me.

I didn’t know how much I would be flying, but I don’t like having to wait through baggage claim for my essentials. (I’ll depending on the laws, I’ll occasionally check a small PacSafe pack.)

The Osprey pack contains a main compartment with bottom divide, and side-access through a zipper.

The top-flap contains an inner-mesh pocket, and an outer-pouch that seems to hold a small pack’s worth of gear itself!

What I really love is the comfort though!

The shoulder and waist straps are fully adjustable, so that when I’m hiking to a cabin up-the-mountain, the Osprey sits snugly on my hips.

I have been living out of my backpack for over 14 months, carrying everything I need from cooking to clothing.

I have had to use the storm-shell packed underneath the bottom compartment a few times. The shell has an adjustable clasp, and so fits nicely around the pack while being worn.

What’s in the bag?

I’ve been living out of the Osprey Kestral 48L for over a year now, and it has carried most everything I have needed. Two PacSafe packs serve as auxiliary bags.

Sleeping bag, hammock, bug net, 2 7L stuff sacks, hygiene bag, cooking supplies and along with a few other accessories all fit within the bag.

I continue to make adjustments to what I carry. The kitchen supplies are especially tricky.

For a while, I was carrying a 64 oz cooking pot, though have since returned to only carrying a 32 oz cooking pot, along with a 6 inch cast iron skillet.

I keep a tarp strapped to the outside of the pack, and bike cable with a lock around the outside for hanging items as needed.

Thanks for a great pack Osprey!

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