USB Speaker with Bass But No Batteries Required

USB Speaker with Bass But No Batteries Required

I needed a USB speaker I can hear because I like my music loud!

But I didn’t want to have to use batteries either. Not only is it extra weight, but also another cost this digital nomad doesn’t want.

There was going to be a give take between the battery life and the volume. I didn’t know what to expect, but the reviews made the speaker seem worth a try.

I have been impressed to say the least.

Whether I am playing the latest reggaeton hit or a salsa classic, I am able to hear the full-range of the music without distortion.

Often, I play the music with the volume turned up on the USB speaker, and the music source. I never hear distortion from the speaker.

There is a 1/4 inch headphone cable outlet next a USB-B outlet for charging.

Not always having to rely on sending Bluetooth to the USB speaker has been a relief more times than not. There are enough radio signals running around us, and bluetooth signals have not always been reliable to me.

Big boy, butter fingers

I am not the most careful person you will me, when it comes to physical possessions.

My shoes wear-out quickly, sock and jackets as well. I am always looking for durable goods because I need them if my investment is going to be worthwhile.Big boy, butter fingers

This USB speaker is water-resistant (not water-proof), and has been able to take all of the bumps of the road with me for the past few years!

I tied an additional piece of rope to better enable attaching the speaker to packs, or other places it may hang.

Whether I am listening to music working on websites or articles, or watching a movie, this USB speaker consistently provides an incredibly enjoyable experience!

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