Washing clothes on the road

Washing clothes on the road

I only brought half-a-dozen underwear with me. They aren’t wool either. So this means that I have to do laundry every week.

I have been living out of my backpack for the past 14 months, and I don’t always have access to free laundry.  On the road, if it costs labor I can do, it could end up costing significantly less.

Enter the Scrubby!

It’s like a washboard in a bag. And it’s perfect for traveling around equatorial regions.

A couple of t-shirts, socks and undies, just add soap and water.

I have taken to soaking the clothes for a bit, and using a bar-soap common in the washing process here. Though after adding soap and water, hard plastic  bubbles in the bag compliment the user’s manual labor to clean the clothes.

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